A new home for creatives in the world’s culture capital

London is the #1 city in the world when it comes to entertainment and unusual cultural events. The increasing number of creative people coming to the UK capital each year seeking its vibrant life and job opportunities is only one evidence of the fact. However, many artists are disappointed when it comes to cost of living, especially housing rentals.

If you are an artist dreaming to live and create in the world’s culture capital, you should take care of your housing in advance. On the other hand, you can live in unsuitable conditions or in an overcrowded property like many newcomers do. A reputed real estate agency will help you find a suitable flat in a heartbeat. Our Readyproperty real estate agency with the team of dedicated professionals will provide you with assistance at all stages of your search to make the housing process fast and smooth. Just visit our website, leave an enquiry and our real estate experts will contact you. Perhaps you will get an opportunity to live in a new House for Artists in Barking town centre comprising flats with enormous discounts for creatives that are going to work with the local community. This is a new £3.5 million development for creative residents who will pay only 65% of the market rent. The five-storey beautiful building with a roof of irregular shape is designed upon the request of Create London arts organisation and is aimed to “destroy barriers” that hinder engagement with arts in the world’s culture capital.

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